Am I being a selfish immature girl?

I am 19 and my boyfriend is 21. He is studying 2 careers and is always so bussy.
I try to see him at least 2 times a week but sometimes he says that we can not see because he is busy.
Or he wakes me up early to send me home because he has classes or he needs to study. When I try to start conversations on the phone he is always the one that finish them because he is very tired.

He is always telling me that he is sorry because he doesn't give me the attention that I deserve.

I am getting tired. Is a stupid reason to break up with someone?


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  • No you are neither selfish nor immature. You're just not getting your emotional needs met. He is driven to achieve. There is no judgement here. He isn't doing anything "wrong" but you have needs that he's not meeting.
    The two of you are just not a match.


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  • It's not a stupid reason to break up with someone, you're understanding that his life is busy but if it's not working of you and you need more time that he can't give you have two options, get use to it or break up. It's not wrong to break up with someone because you NEED MORE.


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  • Yes you're being to needy and cudos to him for not letting women get in his way of a better life


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