HELP, I am overthinking about this whole thing?

Okay I need advice I don't know if I am overthinking or I am not. I am the type of woman that need her boyfriend to reassure me his feelings he has for me. On Thursday he did they by being cute my sending emojis like this
HELP, I am overthinking about this whole thing?

and I love when he does that but when he not blowing up my phone and sending cute emojis or giving attention, makes me feel like something wrong. Like today he's text was so short, dull and boring I think because he hanging out with his fiends like tonight he with his friends and going to a party at 12. Him and I was texting I told him I'll talk to him tomorrow since there's really nothing to text about because I'm at home studying and bored and he is with his friends. He ask me to do I wanna come over tomorrow but when I replied back saying yeah I wanna he said "OK"
HELP, I am overthinking about this whole thing?

and I thought maybe he would of send a kisses emojis but he didn't so I'm thinking or overthinking is something, does he still like me? Do him texting all cute text determines he feelings for me or I am overthinking?
Please can I get more advice please!!!


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  • don't worry about it, the point that every relationship should reach is your significant other being one of your best friends. the whole honeymoon period thing wears off eventually and it may feel less intense but that tends to signify that its a strong relationship :) hope this helps


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