Guys, My boyfriend commented on one of his friends pic that is a girl.. That she has the most sexiest legs he has ever seen?

It was like he was literally drooling.. Im upset... Why is he doing this... And what exactly is looking for when he does this? Advice please.


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  • Unless he has a unhealthy habit of consistently drooling over others I wouldn't think much of it.
    Just because he is dating you doesn't mean he lost all attraction towards women. Plus are you sure it wasn't just a fun/friendly comment between buddies.
    Remember a complement isn't inherently flirting.

    • I get that. But does it not mean he is more in to them than me... Because he keeps doing this even when he is in the hospital... ?

    • Well, no I don't think that if he complements others it exactly means that he is 'more into' them.
      By any chance are these comments directed towards a single person, or a variety of people? If its only to one person this could be a red flag.
      Lastly does he show affection towards you? Is it genuine or is it half asked.

    • well it was that one girl. He does every day look at other girls and one time he was out with me he was drooling over our waitress... I had to ask for another waiter. :(

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