Did I do something wrong?

I met this guy more than a month ago and gave him my number etc etc. We clicked and everything and he would make an effort in the beginning by texting me to come out with him etc and I became good friends with his cousins. Then on new years he came all the way to see me from his party because I was a little scared because everyone else was so wasted. He came and we clicked an he tries kissing me a few times but I told him I don't kiss until I am dating and he was okay with it. However by the end of the night I ended up kissing him but don't remember.. We talked the next day though ad it seemed he was still making an effort. Afterward though we got into one little fight because I told him I'd call back in 5 min and I got busy so I called him back an hour later.. He didn't answer. So the next day I texted him and he didn't text back till the next day. But he was clearly mad. So I waited a few days and called him myself and I thought the conversation went quite well.. But he never made an effort after that... What's going on?


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  • Whatever it is, I hope it's not because he's mad at you for calling about an hour too late...that's a little over. Instaed of texting him or calling him, you should try to meet up with him person to person and semi-demand an explanation, be nice about it of course. If you can't do that, then text him it and if he tells you that nothing is wrong, then clearly he's lying and you should just give him up for a while.

  • One thing, though I'm not saying this is it, some of my friends will regret doing something (like getting drunk and kissing a guy etc...) and tell them the next day they don't remember, I've seen this happen a couple times and he may be thinking your just trying to avoid it.

    Never happened if you don't remember, right?

    Just a thought, more then likely he's a douche if he really got angry at you for the call back and you shouldn't waste your time.

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