A guy asked me out over text but I didn't see it.. what do I do now?

he and i have been flirting for a while. we were talking over text but he didn't respond for an hour so i just fell asleep. and when i woke up at 4am i saw that he had sent me a message asking me to hang out with him.

but i fell asleep. so i really didn't see it. i sent him a text back saying im really sorry but i fell asleep. and that i would like to hang out with him. but now its 3pm the next day... and he still hasn't responded.

how do i fix this?


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  • Just give him some time. I'm sure he'll come around and if he doesn't text back in a few days then you can say something like "Still thinking a hang out session will be fun :) "

    • but he's my classmate so ill see him tomorrow morning in class.. so im thinking if he doesn't respond ill just talk to him in class. usually he and i are always teasing eachother so we are comfortable with talking.. but its taki. g it to the next step that is hard for us

    • Oh okay yeah then you can bring it up tomorrow when you see him in school. That's better.

    • okay ill just be patient

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  • He may just be busy as well, don't sweat it- there's no specific day to hang out, there's always opportunities to go out.

    • its possible. there kinda is for me because my schedule is so busy there is really only Sunday afternoons where im free. or everyother day after midnight but before 8am because i have school

  • Nothing wait till he gets over then you ask him later "you mentioned you wanted hang out some time I was hoping we could on (date)"

    • okay ill see what he does

  • He will reply, don't worry

    • are you sure? im afraid he might think i blew him off.

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    • I know, that would kind of suck if things didn't happen, because he didn't understand. Maybe he'll message you later on tonight

    • i hope so... or else i will have to find time to talk to him during class tomorrow. and try to explain

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