Is there a way to get a girlfriend without heavily socializing?

For unsocial people, such as myself, socializing is something that we are simply not able to. So, the question is very open ended and every comment is appreciated. Is there a way to get a girlfriend without heavily socializng (by heavily i mean going to bars and trying pickuup lines, joining students clubs all alone out of nowhere etc.)?
Look, i know i look like i'm shooting down all your suggestions. And it may look rude, i get it. Pleas don't get offended or angry by it, I just want to demonstrate how bad my situation is.


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  • Yes, the Internet... or a library.

    • Library doesn't really work, it's supposed to be a quiet environment you know :D
      Internet may work, but i'm skeptical about it. Where i live, every single dating site has like 10 men/1 women ratio. It's impossible to get a girl's attention there.

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    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • Just hang out with friends at social gatherings. Through friends you'll find someone you like. After a bit of necessary social interaction and getting some numbers the rest of the relationship can be via text haha.

    And if you don't like even light conversations with girls I doubt having a realtionship is what you want.

    • Girls are fine, having conversations are also fine. I just don't like it when there are a lot of people.
      My friends have also only guy friends, they're not much different than me. Some of them have a relatively normal social life, but they are not eager to help. So, even though this option is how majority of relationships starts, i don't have it. If i did, somehow, i don2t think i would be this miserable in the first place.

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  • Maybe online social media? Facebook, dating websites.. that way you can reveal only what you want to reveal?

    • Online media in my country is crawling with men and ego boosting girls, there's not much luck there. But i guess i'll try nevertheless.

    • Depends where you live. And experiment w/ different dating websites, if need help. let me know. ego boosting girls? That's a new one lol.

    • Girls are mainly there to boost their egos. They can easily get a guy in real life, so they only go online to get attention from twenty guys at once. The really shy ones don't even bother.

  • how about just meeting a girl in your class?


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