Should I keep my distance with her?

- When she talks, she seems too sweet!
- She knows I like her. She said it's an infatuation and will go away, didn't know how to respond to that so we went back to being friends.
- She broke up with her ex but they're currently best friends, her ex wants to get back together but she's not sure how she feels about him. She says she "thinks" she has feelings. But she's not getting back with him either (or at least officially).
- She talks about her personal stuffs in chat with me as if we're so close, but in person she ignores me, doesn't talk much, makes excuses to leave.
- When I give her attention, she says subtle stuffs that pretty much means that she doesn't want me to give her attention (which kinda pisses me off when she do that). But when I don't give attention, she acts like she's upset?

I can't really understand her. Sometimes it feels like she's an innocent person who's just confused and laid back. And sometimes it feels like she's pure evil, like the bitchy girls you see in movies. I don't really know how close she is with her ex but I do know that they're super close, like once she told me she tells him stuffs that only girls say to other girls. I don't know what to do.


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  • First... Relax, make a move if she's what will make you happy, but don't expect her to change for you. If her being close to her ex is a dealbreaker, let her go.


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  • If talking to this girl makes you happy more often then upset, then you have no reason to require distance. However if you're upset more often then happy, or if your talking to her out of sheer desire for something you do not already posses, then you need to make a change.


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  • GET




    I've known these kind of women. They are toxic. The sooner you leave the better. Give your time to those who are worth it.


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