Guys dont u hate it when other guys girlfriend talk to u?

I hate it when girls are with a guy and they decide to make small talk with h while they wait. Usually or at least 4_ me there boyfriend will be preoccupied then they decide to chag with me. I'm like wtf. Stay away I don't care what u wanna ask me or if u wanna make a dumb joke. tell him I'm not your boyfriend. It get so awkward when the guy returns.

The only girls who have boyfriend that can talk to me is my friend girlfriend that's about it. And I don't really like that. It make me all jittery. I hate it.

My point being ladies do not talk to other men if u are on a date or around ur boyfriend its rude and awakared for the guy. Just zip it.


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  • There is something called socialising.

    Haha yeah I completely understand. When some girl is coming onto you and then you find out she is taken. Fuck that life haha.


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