Should I wait to go out with him or no?

Okay so there's this guy at school named Jayden and we both like each other. But he's like on and off about it and confusing. One second he's telling people im a slut (which doesn't make any sense because im a virgin) and the next he's telling me im beautiful and he wants to get to know me better and he likes me and etc. I don't know whats up with that. Anyways, even though we like each other he won't go out with anyone till the second semester because his friend Talon is doing online school the second semester and he won't have anyone to hang out with. Which is a lie if I've ever heard one because he's popular af. He doesn't make ANY sense. But when we talk he's really sweet. Should i wait till the second semster for him or not?


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  • Sounds like he's playing mind games. Unless you like drama, I suggest you move on. Even if you were properly dating, I doubt he'd treat you any better than he is now.


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  • As soon as I seen that he said you were a slut to others I had already made up my mind. I think the way you are talking about him it doesn't sound like he respects you at all. If he really cared for you he wouldn't say things like that. I honestly wouldn't wait and waste my time on someone who chooses to disrespect me. I think you should try to find someone who always treats you better instead of confuse you and say things like that about you.


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  • Oh my f god
    Please tell this innocent girl
    To stay away from that player and find a lover boy or do anything you want but never regret... by the way you look cute 🙈


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