Is he ignoring me?

I already made a more detailed ost about this, but no one answered.. So I'm asking again :)
So I met this guy at a party this Friday. I sent him a friendrequest on facebook, but he hasn't answered.

Is it becaus ehe is ignoring me? He hasn't been on facebook yet? He dosen't want to be my friend? Or what?
He has been on facebook since last friday!


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  • It could be a lot of things. First off, i it's only been one full day. That alone says he might've just not seen it. He may not have recognized who you were. But, my guess is one of the two following. You mentioned he'd been drinking so he may be ignoring you because like me, he's only charming while intoxicated and he doesn't want to embarrass himself. Or two. he's taken. But he was wrong so he danced with you anyways. I could hardly believe he's flat out ignoring you though.


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  • maybe he just hasn't been online since! it happens to me... i didn't go on fb for a month once haha


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  • Lol, he will be ignoring you if he is online,(impossible noot to have data these days). Well take your time, Life has a lot of reasons to mess things up, one of them is reality. He could be tied up, doesn't know that you sent a request/looking for him.

    2 days isn't a problem. He is not ignoring you!!

  • Make sure he actually uses Facebook. I have a friend who only logs on 2-3 times a year, lol.


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