My best friend wanted to kiss... WHat to do?

Last Friday i were at a party, and when I was going to leave, i hugged my best friend goodbye. And as we were standing hugging he said he wante dto kiss me goodbye, but i said no. And he tried to move my head, so he could kiss me. And I kept saying no, but he kept trying. And then he gave up.
Was he like that because he has been drinking, ore because he really wanted to?
Should I confront him about it or not?


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  • Drinking is tricky, because it really depends on the person. At least for me, drinking lowers my inhibitions, so it is possible he has feelings for you on some level.

    In regards of what you should do, communication is always the key. Whether or not you see him as just a friend, I suggest you tell him how you feel so that both of you can move forward.

    If he does have latent feelings about you, at least he'll have closure. As a guy, me personally, I like to hear it straight from a girl if she isn't interested (to remove all doubt). But again, that's just me.

    • The thing is, we have know each other fro 14 years. And for the last 5 years people kept asking if we were dating, and we always been saying no, and we agreed that we would be the worst couple ever, cause we are realy different when it comes to dating.

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    • That is interesting. Well, as long as you were clear, then it should be fine. However, if this incident is bothering you (which it obviously is), then I think you should bring it up. This way, you can set boundaries. It would have been better if you told him off when it was actually happening, but at least now you'll be ready.

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