Girls, am I a hopeless case?

Ok. This is somehow a long story. I am kinda young (19). I am from an eastern european country called Slovenia. However I lived most of my life in the United Kingdom. When I came back here I just did not "fit in". I had girlfriends but I just think I am unappealing to girls due to my "looks". And I have VERY VERY low self esteem when it comes to looks. However I am usually confident. However I am begining to loose confidence. I just somehow can't connect with girls here. I (personally) think it is due to my looks but I don't know. It could be anything. I am a premedical student (I plan to study medicine)
I dated a few girls here but I just have a feeling I always do or say something wrong. I am generally polite with girls, confident and I have a good sence of humor. but here at least I just get a feeling girls go for the "bad boys" as in the west the girls are much more open.

here are a few pics:

Girls, am I a hopeless case?

Girls, am I a hopeless case?

thanks for the answers :))
Thanks again allv:))
thank you all for answering :)


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  • You aren't a hopeless case at all <3

    There is nothing wrong with your looks. I'm really sorry that you feel insecure, I know that just being told you're good looking won't help that much (although I mean it). You have to work at it, and that takes time. It's something I'm working on as well.

    You are still young, it's possible the girls you've dated just aren't ready for anything serious, they want to just have fun and date different people. I don't know anything about your relationships though obviously.

    I promise you there is no need for you to feel hopeless <3 . If you're having a hard time emotionally it would be a really good idea for you to talk to someone you're close to irl about it, I'm sure that they will want to help.

    If I could I would give you hugs


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  • first you are Handsome and you seems kind and nice so why low self steem?
    I had low self steem when i was in high school
    but after I joined the faculty I became more confident
    even some guys define me as one of the most popular girls in my school lol
    just tell yourself every day and night that you are not less than anyone
    and you are just unique
    oneday sooner or later you will meet your princess dont be sa dor upset
    you are young so you have your whole life
    focus on your dreams and be as good as you want people around you to be :)
    good luck , hope to hear good news from you soon

  • you are handsome, nothing to worry about

  • No you're attractive.


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