Girls would you like it if your boyfriend say you as someone he can confide in? Would you like it if he trust you enough to tell thoughs, feelings to?

  • I would feel good that he trusts me and sees me as someone he can confide in?
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  • That would be annoying to me?
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  • Of course! :) There's absolutely nothing to dislike about that. In my opinion, when you're in a relationship, you're supposed to be able to be open about these things and trust your partner. I would feel like I've failed as a girlfriend if he felt like he couldn't confide in me. If he's my man, I want him to feel comfortable with these things. It's called a healthy relationship.


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  • Definitely! I started to fall for a guy when he started to confide in me. Makes us feel close to you and like we're important.

  • I think as a girl that's something we strive for. :)


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