He isn't texting with any feeling?

Today he wasn't responding to any of my cues via text.

He said: "i want to spoon a human being"
I said: "I hope you mean me"

(He ignored that and answered the other part of the message)

I said: "I'm having a shower now, wish you could join"

(He completely skipped that & asked for a photo of my new dress)

I said: Goodnight x
He said: Have a nice sleep (angel emoji)

He started the conversation in the first place.
Also, I always write bigger messages but he sends a few words.
Last night he was saying how much he missed me & now I don't feel missed :(


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  • Is he your boyfriend?

    • Not boyfriend but we have been seeing each other for a few months

    • He may be losing interest in you.

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