Girls, Does this mean she is interested! yeah I do want to meet up but i'd just like it if we got to know eachother abit more first?

It's been two weeks of texting back and forth when should i ask her out again?


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  • Yes absolutely ! The continued texting means there's interest, but personally I get bored very quickly if it seems like it isn't leading anywhere... Texting is a means to keep in contact between seeing each other, but you have to actually see each other!

    2 weeks seems like long enough to me... You'll get to know each other much better face-to-face than you can over texts anyway. I think actually getting to know each other in real life is a much better way of getting to know each other. It's more real.

    • thanks i agree with ya i wanted to meet two weeks ago but yeah i'm going to ask her out bowling and then if we have time grab a bite to eat does that sound like a good first date?

    • @asker yeah that sounds cute ! :) Good luck

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