Why doesn't he say this stuff to me?

I've been seeing this guy since last May. Yesterday he was looking at his facebook on my phone, and he forgot to log out. I looked at his messages, and he was talking to this girl for the past few years (but not since January). On the messages he says that he tells her how cute she is and smart and blah, blah. He also asked her if she was ready to have sex with him last time she saw him. He never says these things to me ever. He seems like he was way nicer to this girl than he is to me. I know I shouldn't judge him for this stuff since its before we were together, but why do you think he is so much nicer to her than he is to me?


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  • You'd save yourself all these painful questions if you just didn't snoop in his phone in the first place.


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  • He may have been saying those things to get into her pants, hence the extra charm.


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