I wanna know how she feels?

So today is my birthday. Not really celebrating it today cuz I work, but tomorrow I shall.

So I've been talking to this girl for a while and yes we have history, but it's been a long time. She just got out of a relationship and we've been vibing and hanging out. I know so much about her as she does me.

We had a petty fight which she ended up ignoring me for a day, but it felt like two. This got me feeling like shit. Now I just don't feel like she wants to continue and her texts just seem.. Weird and I don't know. I would like a way to tell her if she still into tryna build an us or Nah. I rather not waste my time if we just going to be all on and off with out it being constant.

And yes, I know I could say it like that but I like having options... I'm not rushing I just want to know where her head is at?


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  • Happy birthday

    Now, simply ask her where her head is at. I had this conversation this morning with my Scorpio friend. And I'm also a Scorpio. All of us over-think and act super fucking weird!

    • Thank you for MH
      Hope your Scorpio stituation is going alright

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  • You should ask her out, when in doubt. Ask her out, then you will have a clear answer.


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