Why did my boyfriend say this when he asked about my exes?

My boyfriend has asked so many questioned about my exes, why they ended, do we still keep in contact, how I would feel if my current boyfriend did the same treatment as the rest.. So many questions. When I answered them all, he said something like "So many guys have secrets, just be careful" is something normal a boyfriend should say?


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  • well considering you age i imagine he wants to know how you got to this age and not be married. you're no spring chicken id ask a women the same question. where have you been and who were you with. do i even want to consider this women as a long term prospect. so many question

    • I am actually 19, do not why it says I am between 25-29.

  • As a boyfriend, he has the right to know some of it. But not to the point that you described. It seems stalklish and controlling if things out of control for me lol


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