2nd girlfriend cheated on me?

My ex has been begging for me for the past week. But what she thought i didn't know, some guy has been posting pics of them on facebook together, and her saying flirtatious things to him. He blocked me but i still found out. She begged for me back today, but two days ago, he changed his profile pic to them together. She kept telling me she still loved me and she thought i never knew about them at all. She wanted me to wait for her too. I wonder if he knows about this.. But this is now the 2nd girl who has played a game with me. It must be me or something. I must be doing something wrong..


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  • No man it ain't you... it happened to me for the second time also! My most recent ex was cheating on me with a coworker for about 6 months and also had a fuckbuddy on the side... so don't feel bad. Girls not women thats why. Finding a loyal/faithful hot chick is hard these days lol

    • We broke up 2 months ago but right after ex was "in a relationship" with her coworker couple days later. I bet the new guy still doesn't know about her fuckbuddy that i found out about though lol

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    • Yeah and her exact words were Jimmy I will always love you don't you ever forget that

    • I'm from Florida too

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  • The only thing you're doing wrong is selecting the wrong women.

  • It may be u it may be them. Do u show them you're jealous are u honest about it or u scare to tell them?


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