Is this guy playing games?

I met. A guy online. Before meeting we talked a lot through text. It's almost like we were friends. He was pretty honest and when we met honestly I thought he was a bit creepy but not terrible. I'm a hot and pretty woman. By the end of our date he was acting as if he was rejected bc I think I didn't exactly invite him to my place that night or try to sleep with him. He did bs saying it's always good to get to know someone and see where it goes and he can take me here and here next time.

After we met he didn't message me again but I had to keep msging him. He never rejected me which would have been nice. He seemed to just be wanting me to message him all the time but he'd never start off. Seems he wanted this chase almost. Like he wants me chasing him and that's it. He even said he likes to give everyone a chance and I said me too. Weird he said that but doesn't message me. Is it that he wants to lead me on bc he's insecure?

I also didn't really like him but I too give everyone a chance. Is he just playing games maybe for an ego thing.
Again I don't care if he's not interested- I just want him to say it. But he won't. He just seems to want to have me message him. He seemed to have said he gives everyone a chance and wants to meet again but never msges me. I'm not dying to meet again but I went by his words which I guess were false.
Another guy is doing the same. We've hung out twice and now he's trying to make plans and cancel and control the situation kind of leaving me hanging. This guy is fat and ugly too. As if these idiots want me chasing them to stroke their ego. Which I refuse to do but they create situations for me to do this


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  • 'I'm a hot and pretty woman'
    can't take you seriously after that

    • You're an idiot and get lost with ur stupidity and immature attitude. Piece of shlt

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