Girls, would u get annoyed at this?

my boyfriend wants me to get better at dirty tallking so he sends me these videos of girls talking dirty so i can get better would u get annoyed?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • He is Obviously wet behind the ears in years, @ashleighrollins2, although trying to be an Adult in this mind boggling matter at your own hand with this man.
    I Might Feel This and that He is Using me somehow by him sending me this trash and figuring maybe even he has had no real practice at this song and dance himself, but Yet... I can get better? Is this a case too for him to think "Practice makes Perfect?" And After This, what is Next on his dance step list?
    Better think twice who here is Naughty and who is Nice.. This one sounds like he is full of Spice of no life to Attempt to take the 'Dirty talking' Dance floor.
    Good luck. xx


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What Girls Said 2

  • You're 15 not 25.

    You're not supposed to be good at anything yet.

    Enjoy your youth. Don't turn into a bedroom slut just yet.

    • are u the one who voted no?

    • No? Where in my answer indicates that I think you SHOULD put up with his behavior? Please. Tell me. Because it's painfully clear to me that he's forcing you to grow up too fast and is only using you for his teenage hormonal sexual gratification.

  • That is very disturbing. I would talk to him about that.


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