Girls, What could compensate a lack of self-confidence?

I met this girl. I obviously have a crush on her, so I won't bother you with a long description of what I find attractive in her (the list is just to damn long !).
The thing is, I feel very insecure and sometimes awkward when talking to her, mainly because I have no self-confidence and pressure myself into believing things like "she is the one" when she is just being friendly with me.

And that's what bothering me. Why does she or would she want to keep talking with me if I stay in this state of mind? What can I offer her to compensate my lack of self-confidence when I'm too scared to ask her out or to comment what she says?


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  • Because she likes you, she wouldn't stay around when you never advance if she wasn't interested. Even though you say you have no confidence it is certain that if you ask her anywhere she will say yes.

    I can not suggest anything to build confidence but asking her will be a huge boost. Speak to her, the biggest mistake people make is involving other people in their relationships because they always have an agenda, regardless of how much they care for you. Keep any conversation pure between you both and only tell people anything if you are in the position to be 'official'

    She is dying inside every time you don't ask her out because she likes you just as much. You need not worry for anything because she already accepts you, it's just a formality to get the ball rolling. Think of it as red tape that had to be done to get what you want. Good luck.

    • That's what I wanted to hear but I don't think she keeps asking me what I'm going to do this evening and this weekend because of any specific interest for me.

      Because she is the popular kind of girl, always having something to do, a friend to meet, a party to attend, a travel abroad to do... And I like that in her, I wish I was as extraverted and friendly as her, but I'm not.

      If I ask her out for a drink, I would have to think of what to say, what to do before.

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