How to be confident when dating a high-educated guy?

I am an Asian, and this is the third time that I fell in love with a foreign country born Asian guy. Things always start in a good way, they asked me out and they think I am pretty, and they did spend time trying to know me more. However, I always don't know how to reveal myself, I think it might because that I am not confident for that, they are so different from me, they graduated from very very good college and they have a lot experience in both relationship/work/travel, but i don't. I graduated from a very normal college in my country and my major is English, I had a very empty 4 years that I didn’t study hard or gain any experience during my college time.

Now I’ve been working for two years but I don’t like my job and I am considering to change my work, I want to get a master degree but I don’t know what to study. Anyway, I haven’t find the goal/way in my life and that makes me really panic and no confident.

The only thing I am confident about is my appearance but I am also worried about what if they meet other girls that are prettier than me? I know I should not be worried about this and this is useless and ridiculous, but I am just filled with insecurity. L

I feel nothing to be proud about myself is a big problem. If I date a guy that has similar background as mine, I am always funny and talkative but I never fall in love with them. However, I can’t be myself when dating those guys that are high educated and I have a crush on. I become silence and stiff as a stone, so after few times dating, it always ends very soon. And I got hurt badly.

Can anyone help?

I don’t know if it will be better if I figure out the goal/way in my life so I have something to focus about? Or this is just not a problem?


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  • his education will not help him in relationships, this is something different try to act normal like he is with the same level of your education


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