Is it a good idea to ask him directly if he likes me?

This is my first question on here.

We are both 26. Interracial. LDR. online dating. We are both shy.

We met on a dating site. I messaged him and flew to his city for a week for work. We had 2 amazing "dates". The chemistry was unreal. We did not kiss, but I did initiate a hug at the end. Then on my last day, I asked via (text) if he wanted to keep in touch and he said yes but he's 'bad at that'. It's been 3 months since our first date. and we have had 12 -13 Skype sessions 20 -45 min each time. I always set them up and he always ends them. We rarely text in between sessions, if we do I usually text first. He did just get out of a 3 yr relationship about 6 months ago, she is 4 years yournger and i think she ended it. We haven't made plans to meet again because he thinks i'm going back up there for work so he is waiting for that to happen but i have no idea when my next trip up there will be or if they will send me again (I haven't told him this/ he hasn't asked).
For the most part I think he likes me but he never shows any initiative. When I returned from my trip I didn't text him for a week to see if he would text and he didn't. But when I text him he responded instantly and we started to Skype.
I'm just really confused and don't want to scare him away with direct questions. We have avoided talking about relationshipsso far


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