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I have feelings for my guy friend I hang out with every week. I'm just a friend to him and he has a girlfriend. The thing is, he's still grieving over his ex leaving, so I feel like I know more about his ex. LoL Anyway, if he seems more connected to his ex, does that mean he's not really serious about his current gf? As in, do I stand a chance against her? Or would we both be fighting for 2nd place?
Am I making sense?


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  • Well for 1.. He's pathetic and why do you like him and wanna be with him

    Why is he in a relationship if he still has feelings for his ex?

    If I was you I'd run..

    If you ever get with him.. Maybe he'll still have feelings gor all his exes


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  • He trusts you with his secrets so that gives you some hope that he may choose you over his current girlfriend. I don't think he is into his girlfriend that much if he still thinks about the ex. I think they are not going to last long. I think that is good that you are friends with him.


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