Crush contacted me again after a few weeks... should I believe him?

we weren't in touch for many weeks cause he was busy etc...
he has a girlfriend by the way, but he flirts heavily with me. I used to flirt with him too, but I am tired and sick of it.
I like him, but I feel like second choice and I feel as if he treated me like a slu***
I told him that, but he claims this is not the case etc, he told me that he cares about me etc (I just don't believe him as his behaviour shows the opposite...).

I am very confused as I am a person who likes to believe others. I try to see the best in everyone, but sometimes it's really hard... He has contacted me again always, but the flirting always starts...
I really feel bad doing that to his girlfriend, but he doesn't really bother...

My question is, if he doesn't really bother, why should I? (ofc cause it's wrong)
but many girls and guys do that and then end up with that guy...
I am just so confused... I don't know what to do. I don't believe him at all... I mean he didn't contact me for several weeks? am i just overreacting... ?


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  • If he's taken then he is off limits to you. Ignore his advances

    • yes, that's why I am doing, but he seems soooo eager

      i dont get whyyy?
      does he think I am naive and easy? he claims I am not and gets annoyed when I bring it up, but what does he expect?

    • I think he is just using you.

    • yes... that's how I feel too...
      I dont like those people... and now thinking to tell the girlfriend

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  • He is a player. Ignore him if you don't like being the other woman. Think about the consequences before telling his girlfriend...

  • I wouldn't... he ain't worth out time.


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