Girls, Can a guy who's under 24 and bald, completely bald skinhead style be attractive physically or is it a turn off? Please only younger girls?

My cousins on my moms side have TE, where they lose scalp hair diffusely, they shave it off and constantly say that attractive girls treat them like crap now, looks matter people I get that so girls is no hair ugly?
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  • A young guy who can't grow hair can still be attractive, I would date a bald guy
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  • It's a turn off, and I would not be attracted to or date a young guy with no hair
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  • Yes he can. Maybe you can wear a wig if it makes you feel insecure? But if the girl really likes you, then you being bald wouldn't be of any concern to her :)

    • But could you find a bald guy physically attractive right off the batt though? That's my question like if you didn't know him etc and he approached you (respectfully) at a party or something

    • Yeah there are some guys who look really good. Depends on the woman though. Thanks for MHO

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