Do guys change much over the course of a year? Should I go out with him again?

Me and this guy started dating when we were both juniors in high school and broke up shortly after graduation. We ended up going to the same university, although now we are both Sophomores in college and he wants to date again.
Here is the thing. He was my first love, and I gave him everything. I lost my virginiry to him after we had been dating for about a year and long story short, he had ran his mouth to all of our classmates about the things I did for him. So I got mad and told him that he should have cared more about the way that would impact me, and he got angry and denied everything (although I hear him with my very own ears at times). So, I broke up with him. After that he went to all of our classmates any chance he could get and perpously told them in explecit detail everything I did and made a joke out of me. He would laugh and tell everyone that "I was a waste of time and even all the "goods" he got wasn't worth it because I was to innocent and inexperienced". I've never had stronger feelings for anyone before in my life but I've also never been so hurt or devastated.

Anyway, a year later he's finally apologized and said that he's changed and wants me back. Can guys even change this quickly?


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  • Well yeah because he was young and immature back then, takes guys a bit longer to grow up, like 25 is about when they do, so he will change quite a bit from when you were last with him


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