How does it feel when you meet someone you eventually fall in love with?

I've been in love but it was a really long time ago. Lots of guys want to date me but they never fall in love. My most recent ex and I dated for five months. He's a bit of an ass to me and all women. He is very judgmental and doesn't forgive any faults in women. I'd like to think of he met the right woman none of that would matter but I do t think it is true for him.

He kept going back back to me being judgy and close minded but if anything people I work with or know casually say I'm corky but love that I think of things differently and am if anything too trusting and want to see the best in everyone. It just hurts me that he thinks I'm rigid and mean. I accepted everything about him even though he treats people like math problems. If I ever expressed my feelings he got mad and refused to accept my feelings as valid because they weren't logical to him.

wouldn't to the right person love me inspite of my perceived flaws? Wouldn't he want to know how I was feeling and try to understand?


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  • To answer your first question: Sometimes it doesn't feel like much of anything at all. :) Or, it can be love at first sight. Somewhere on that continuum.

    And to answer both the questions in that last paragraph: Yes.


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