Ladies, which is the worse type of boyfriend/husband?

  • Abusive
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  • Unfaithful (constantly cheats on you)
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Bump. More opinions so i have more options to give a MHO. But better write something relevant.


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  • Just so you know, they will have different answer, so if apparently you're one of them, you really need to change it, because if a girl knew you had one of them, I don't think she'll even want to be your gf/wife at all. I'd say both are equally bad :P.

    • but im not. this question is purely hypothetical.

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    • Because I/some people want to see the result :P but don't want to vote in I don't know, it feels wrong lol, thc for the MHO tho

    • ok. you're welcome

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  • obviously the kind that might end up killing you.

  • I pick abusive.

    Cheating can be a form of abuser too. I think


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