Do I let go or not?

So I've been dating this guy for 5 months. We were friends for a long time before we hit it off, as I never considered him like that as he was a bit of a player. Anyway one day weirdly things just clicked and we got very close, I didn't sleep with him for 3 months, met his parents very soon and when I'm at home over a holiday he drives 2 hours to see me and my family as he loves them... But the thing is he's so insecure it's horendouse, his ex girlfriend emotionally damaged and abused him and his ways after were the reasons for his actions. He's petrified of letting me in, and now I think he's done it by mistake as he knows me like the back of his hand and know I would never hurt him he's pushing me away to save his feelings, getting mad and frustrated and then so do I and we argue, I adore this guys and don't want things to end but it's like a little war at the moment where we both get mad... What should I do? He adores the smell of my perfume and hugs me so meaningfully and protects me, but if he doesn't open up things will get so bad. I need advice please before I go instance! Thank you (sorry it's a bit long)
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  • I think you should let it be right now, he's obviously feeling very insecure & he probably needs time to start feeling who he is, so i'd say just give it a little time.


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  • Maybe he is pushing you away because he is feeling the temptation to return to his player ways, and he doesn't want to hurt you by cheating on you.

    • That would make Sence!

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