Girls, Why do people find it so wrong to admit looks are a must?

I see all the time people respectuflky say they need their partner to look attractive and they get bashed for it, but why? Yes personality counts and is a must but we are sexual beings, and just like we naturally need food and water we naturally need attraction as well. I don't necessarily like the rating system, but it's really the only way to give context through text, I find myself typically attracted to girls 7-9 ish range, again not a zealots fan of numbers but just to give some idea, a girl needs to be skinny and have a pretty face for me, that's about it (rarity in our fat embracing society but that's another post) I myself am no stud, I'd say I'm a 6-7, I'm slender and hell I even have to shave my head bald from a scalp deal I developed a couple years ago, still I hold my standards the same, at no point was I like 'well I'm bald better look for less attractive girls' nor will I ever say that. See attraction through physicality is natural and something I won't give on, and something people really shouldn't, I'm not saying your partner needs to be perfect but for me I do need that initial attraction which relies on the factors I put above, people have different factors true but there are some geberalities.

Anyway this his has almost become a my take but the point is I unashamedly admit looks are needed in a relationship and hold high standards even now, I only want one and something real in the end so it certainly isn't 'shallow' like people like to shout now days, I just don't know when our society became so upset about human nature and views things as immoral or wrong that were programmed into us by nature or God or whatever you believe in.


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  • I don't think there's anything wrong with saying that looks are important for attraction, becaue for a lot of people, they are, but what upsets people is when someone says 'you have to fit these criteria to be considered a 7' or whatever.

    People are attracted to different things. I know guys who like skinny girls and guys who like thicker girls. A 4 to one is an 8 to another.

    Looks are important for many people, and I dont think there's anything wrong with that. It's just unfair to say that someone is unattractive just because you personally don't find them attractive, and that's what would bother people.

    • That's why I said I don't like the number system, however I think there is somewhat of a one size fits most so to speak in what is attractive or isn't, it just is unfair that a guy who is very nice and wants something real can be vilified for admiting he can't get past a girls weight or vice versa

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