Is it a dealbreaker if a girl lives in a small town?

I am recently back into the dating scene again and have been finding it hard. I've been in it for about a month, so not a long time. But I get the feeling that my location might be hindering my chances at finding a guy.

I'm from a small town, and none of the local guys want anything to do with me. Not because I'm a bad person or anything, but they grew up with me and aren't really interested in me :( I was a nerd in high school and for some reason guys in my own town aren't really giving me much of a chance :/

So I'm trying to meet guys who are in my area, but it's kinda hard. I have a car and am willing to drive. I get that a lot of people are not into long distance, but is 40 minutes really long distance?

Would a distance of an hour or 45 minutes (by car) be a dealbreaker? I can understand if neither of us had a car. But if one of us did, would it still be a deal breaker?


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  • I don't think 40 minutes is a deal-breaker per se, but it does impose a formidable barrier, especially in the early stages of a relationship. Onthe other hand, an on-line relationship could work for a while so long as you limited yourself to guys who remained accessible. This leaves open the question of what to do if/when the relationship matures. You should consider how willing you are to move, and how independent you could be once relocated.

    • I'm definitely willing to move. However not without some sort of commitment or assurance that the relationship is moving in a more serious direction. I think that's only fair. The main reason I moved to this small town was for my then boyfriend. Who I found out wasn't exactly being faithful to me :(

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    • Not at all! For the longest time, basically most of our relationship he was all lovey dovey. Said he wanted to go on trips with me, told me I was so beautiful and said he couldn't wait to see me again. I was really thinking he was into me, apparently I was wrong :( So now I have no trust to my judgement at all! :(

    • Wow! I'm so sorry to hear that. That would undermine anyone's confidence in their judgement. I hope things get better for you.

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  • It depends on the guy. I'm dating a woman that lives 351 miles from me in a prison

  • I would hope not. That seems like a small distance to travel. I have to travel 2hrs into the city where im from and altho i haven't started dating i hope it wouldn't be a problem. But your distance seems fine. Otherwise people would be stuck in one town all the time.

    • No kidding! I don't think it should be much of a problem. I have no problem travelling and will do so for love :P

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