Are we still on good terms? What could be going on in his mind?

I met a guy online through facebook on our college page. We have been talking for about 4-5 months and been hanging out in person about a month. The problem is, 2 weeks ago we kind of got into a conflict where we had a misunderstanding about our plans and my feels were hurt and I didn't respond the best to him. Well we tried talking about it a couple days after it happened and he had left it with telling me that we, "are still friends and he still wants to hang out with me and do things, but that sometimes he gets depression and doesn't want to be around people." I replied to this message and didn't hear from him for days. So about 5 days after my last message I text him apologizing again (giving him the mature apology he deserved) and it took him 3 days to reply. Again saying, " yes we will still be friends. I'm really stressed right now bc of school and for me to throw away all my insecurities" I replied to this message the next day. He opened that message the day after that but hasn't responded... And it's 3 days since it said he read it. My question is what could possibly be going on? He seems to be fine on social media. Could it really just be stress and he doesn't want to handle our conflict now? Does he not wanna see me anymore? (Btw I'm 23 he's 25. He's never had a girlfriend) so maybe he just doesn't know how to handle the situation? I know it's a long message but please help with any opinions you may have. Thank you.


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