Should I go visit him?

So, there's this guy I dated a while back who I've been missing a lot lately. We fizzled out because at the time, he was moving and working overtime, so a relationship just wasn't in the picture. I have had a few run ins with him since and each time, he was friendly and seemed happy to see me, but he never returned my calls when I tried to reach him. He's always been terrible with phones, though and would always ask to me to hang in person rather than through a text. Should I take his friendliness in person as a good sign and take it upon myself to go visit him? Even if all I got from it was a friendship, I'd be happy. I just really miss his energy.


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  • You should take it as a sign of rejection when he never returned your call. Do you feel worth it to go visit him and he's obviously displaying low interest. I don't know, whether you want to remain with him as a friend or potential romantic partner.

  • Sure, why not?


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