His on holiday and said he'd text me but he didn't?

The guy I'm seeing is gone on holiday with his friends. I text him yesterday when he got there to stay safe he text back immediately as always and joked for a while, I told him I'd leave him to enjoy his holiday and just too look after him self. He told me that he'd text me tomorrow but he didn't but has been updating his snapchat story. I'm not even that upset it was a friend who said he shouldn't have said it if he had no intention of doing it and I should be angry with him because he needs to check in. Once I know what his doing through his stories I'm ok with him not texting me to check in. So is my friend right should I just ignore her or am I being to laid back about it? I don't want him to think he has some clingy girlfriend and I want him to have a good time with his friends and then come home to me happy. What do you do when your other half is away without you?


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  • You're approach is perfect. It is a very mature outlook and huge will appreciate it.

    • Have you heard from him?

      And thank you!

    • No problem. Yeah I've heard from him the last two days so I think he was just enjoying himself for the first couple of days and I was probably just overthinking things ☺️

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  • He said he will text you but he didn't, it pretty much tell you what he has been thinking. Everyone will advise you to move on. Date other guys, plenty options out there.

    • Why would I move on? You clearly didn't read the whole thing.

    • You're in open relationship or exclusive? I only see ''the guy i'm seeing''

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  • You have the right approach don't listen to your friend ☺️ You get caught up on holiday so don't take it personally.


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