What are some ways of stopping a relationship from falling into a rut?

I've never been someone's girlfriend. I've had pretty bad luck with guys and have started seeing a guy who is so amazing!

I was with a guy 6 months ago and after we started sleeping together we fell into a rut and we weren't even boyfriend and girlfriend!
I would go over after dinner and watch a movie then go home. Only once did we go to gold class. I became sooooo bored so quickly!!!

This current guy and I are extremely similar and he's so down to earth and we so far have done a lot of fun things together (sunset beach date, motor bike rides, dinner etc) but we slept together for the first time on Sunday and I suggested tomorrow night we just stay in and relax because we had a big weekend which is fine as it's the working week but I'm not the best at suggesting things (don't know why I just get awks)

what at are some ways to keep us out of a rut?


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  • Set up a date night and do something different each time


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