Guys, what do you do to show sweet girl that you like her?

Do you like sweet, kind girls?

Do you compliment her dress? Shoes?

Do you ask her to lunch?

Do you just act friendly and hope she doesn't notice?

What does she need to do to make you take the next step?


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  • I like sweet, kind girls.

    I don't often compliment her attire. I like to compliment her personality, interest, and taste more.

    Yes, I do ask her to lunch. If she rejects too many times (reject means decline but do not make effort to find another time), then I will stop asking her to lunch. If you are busy, you MUST explicitly let the guy know that you are interested, but you cannot accept the invitation because you are busy.

    I do act friendly. Why would I hope that she does not notice? I hope she does notice that she is special to me. It is hard to broadcast that message, I know.

    She needs to be open, carry on with the conversation (bonus: send emoticons), show that I am important to her, show that she enjoys to be around me (ie: pays attention to be, provide insights during conversations, laugh at my jokes, compliment me. bonus: teases me, flirt back with me)

    How I show a sweet girl that I like her: I will message her often, tries to get her to spend time with me (i. e.: ask her out for lunch, events, dates.), admire her, share a lot about myself to her, make effort to get to know about her, wants her to know me.

    • He does all of this, but does not call me.

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    • Text as in cellular texting? It is possible that some guys never text directly from his phone because their cellphone plan have limited texting. Is there any chance that you can reach him by any messenger app?

      How old is that guy?
      How do you initiate the conversation?
      Can you give me some examples?
      Also include his replies (if any).

    • will message you

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  • I just act like I'm into her there's no point wasting time in my opinion if I like a girl I'll let her know :) but giving compliments is a sign and nervousness

  • I would joke with her sarcastically seeing if she could take it or not only because my preference is someone who can take a joke as well as dish it out. Must be the Irish in me. If she responded in kind with a witty comment, that would get me interested.

  • I usually just send them dick pix. Yeah, that usually works ;)

    • I'm just kidding.

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    • Relationships are a two-way street. Both parties have to work for it, even in the very beginning. A woman who is distant and waits for the man to do everything will eventually lose him.

      Can you tell me a little more about your situation and why you're asking these questions?

    • He did all that for me too, but he doesn't tell me.

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