Guys, when you call a girl sweet and approachable, does it mean you like her?


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  • I wouldn't ordinarily tell a girl this, but it almost definitely means that there is interest of some kind. If a guy goes out of his way to let you know that he feels at ease around you, enjoys your company, etc. it's usually a way of saying that he likes you. Of course it depends on a guy, but compliments like this usually aren't given to someone if it's just a friendly relationship.

    I am, however, a bit confused by the word 'approachable' and I might need some more context. If he says it in a way like, "you are very caring" or "you make people around you feel good" that's good. It is an unusual thing to say to a girl though...

    • He came to work with me for a little while and was describing how I was with him. He asked me lunch and we spent a lot of time at work, but he said he was busy when I asked to meet him outside work. It is very weird behavior.

    • To be honest with you, I'm really not sure. At my age, saying things like this to a girl are pretty certain hints, however, in your professional context he could just be building rapport or being friendly. It is still a sign of interest, I'm just not sure why he'd avoid spending time with you outside work though.

    • Thank you. I think what you said applies to him too because he's very young at heart, but he is confusing.

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  • That's such an obvious yes

    • Really? He was just describing me though.

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    • What should I do then? He's a full grown adult, I have been so nice to him to make him comfortable, he still does not just tell me!

    • Then let him know clearly that he can be comfortable around you

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