Should I wait until he kisses me to decide if im into him or not?

i need advice


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  • First and foremost, we don't know who "he" is. I presume it's a guy you recently started dating. Since you're in your mid to late 20's, I'm sure you're mature enough to know if you're actually interested in a guy. Why do you need to wait until he kisses you to make up your mind about him?

    • its the first guy I've ever dated so im confused as to what i should be feeling. the only other feelings I've had are pure lust over this one guy that i still feel today.

      this guy im dating is great and he's done nothing wrong except be a gentleman. but i dont feel anything from him yet. i dont know if he's shy or what not

    • As long as he keeps asking you out, he's interested. If you decide you're not interested in him, though, don't waste his time -- or yours.

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  • Are you not really feeling the sparks yet? Usually there is some form of attraction that would make you want to kiss him because there is a click between the two of you. If you need to kiss him first to find out whether or not you like him, then you don't generally like him as much.

    • and thats what i believe. he's a perfect gentleman, as i mentioned on another post and has done nothign wrong. he just hasn't made any moves what so ever. i told him i wanted to go slow, but that doesn't mean he can't gently put his arm around my waist or touch my arm or anything. he hasn't done anything and i tried flirting with him but he isn't getting a clue.

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    • thanks for the advice

    • That's ok :)

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  • If you feel the spark, just lean superb close to his side, and then gently move your lip to his lip but let him kiss you. He should obviously get the sign if he's not blind lol

  • Do you want him to kiss you, though? Like, are you excited by the idea of that?

    If not, then I'd guess that you're not very into him.

    • im not quite sure. like i went on a date with this other guy one time after we'd met and hung out for a vcouple of hours one night at a gathering. and he didn't kiss me even though he could have, but i left not being disappointed at all. with this guy, i dont know what i think. part of me wants him to kiss me so i can see if there's anything there, but the other part of me just doesn't care one way or the othe

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    • I can understand why you'd want to give it another shot. That said, it really doesn't sound like it's going anywhere, so don't invest too much more time in it if you're still not feeling it.

      Where else to look? Hmmm. I think you should just start taking up actvities that you enjoy, and that could help. Join a hiking group, for example. You can meet lots of cool people outside of your friends. :)

    • im trying hard to do that. im trying to join a sorority in my city cuz itll introduce me to a bunch of new girls who i could maybe meet people through.

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