Am I getting led on?

Lots of history here, We used to work together, I could always make her laugh. After she met my brother at a party she asked me if he was available, long story short he wasn't interested but I was still crushed, I quit several weeks later without telling her the real reason. I didn't see her for a real long time after that. Then about 6 months later a friend of mine started hanging out at the bar where she works a few nights a week. My friend and her boyfriend have both commented that they think she likes me cause she's always hanging around us talking to me. She pokes me a lot and tends to get real close, especially when she's been drinking after she gets off work. Once she grabbed me by the collar when she was wasted and pulled me in close to tell me we should hang out more. most recently she was fairly drunk at another bar and wanted me to come meet her there. She definitely bumped her chest into my hand for several seconds and left it there and pulled me onstage to sing a terrible karaoke duet. later though I ruined it as she got to see me throw up and get assaulted by one of my friends I was having an argument with. I ended up walking home. the next day she said she was worried about me. we met up for lunch (something we never do) and one of her friends and her boyfriend are there, we very awkwardly decide to sit with them and end up splitting the check. we had a nice time though. She did introduce me to another guy as an old friend though. I just don't know if she's leading me on or what. She always really wants to hang out with me and until very recently I've been kinda passively forgetting to contact her, but recently I've been feeling like I used to and I'm scared of being hurt again. What do you people think?


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  • Yes, you're being led on.