Is it good that she's calling me "love"?

There's a girl I've been talking to for a while now and recently when texting her she's said "goodbye love" a few times and I don't think she says that to anyone else. Do you think it's a term of endearment like saying "baby" or is it because I'm younger and she's saying it in a friendly/motherly way? (she's bi) I don't know. Please help.


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  • You should've ask her out when she said this. ''Babe? what do you mean?''


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  • Are you bi or les?

    • I'm not really sure. I think I might be bi

    • Well, choose carefully

What Girls Said 1

  • It's just an affectionate term, I don't think it means anything deeper, she's just fond of you as a person.

    • I'm just unsure because I think she might like me (which is not a bad thing because I don't really know my sexual orientation atm) and I don't know if that means anything special

    • Na, not based on her saying that.

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