How to get a girl alone when we are with in a group?

I have this crush on someone and i decided to tell her that. I have been on her for a long time but as i suck with dating and flirting and all that nothing happened and she probably never got the idea. I am sure she doesn't feel the same towards me but we are not bad friends, we talk and have stuff in common.
Our group doesn't hang out a lot so we mostly meet at school with the group. I dont have classes with her and i barely meet her outside of lunch with the group.
I know its supposed to be simple and just like 'hey can you come with me for a second' but its hard for me to just say it infront of the group. We hang out some days ago and i tried to catch her alone and it didn't work as we were all together and i can't simple get her out of there.
How do i make it simple? Is it just hey lets get a second or should i try something else? How do i get her alone with me?


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  • I think u should have said, ''hi xxxx, i want to invite you out for drink sometime. What do you think? *pause*'' then u engage the group members in and said, ''so guys and girls, what do you think too?'' If they say yes, it's highly unlikely she will reject you.

    Be confident, assertive, that's the key.

  • Try, try and try again?

    But if she's trying to avoid you, you'll come across as creepy stalker. So trying too hard's a bad idea too.

    I've done the "stay 'til the end talking" and if you and she are the last two talking, that works well. No other ideas, I'm afraid. Good luck!

    • Oh, wait, did have more thoughts!

      You might invite her to some social function that you're going to as a group. "Hey, there's movie night tonight in the quad, anyone interested? Friend1, Friend2, GirlIHaveCrushOn? Want to go?" Building social interaction and all :)

      Worth a try if getting her alone doesn't work; you might get an idea of whether she's interested in doing anything with you, get a chance to talk to her there. Worst case, you're going to events without her, maybe meet someone else?

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