I'm a high school student with a long time crush and she had feelings for me but now they are gone what should I do?

Hello I'm a male who is shy around girls and have a really difficult time talking to girls in person well I had a long time crush on a girl who I care about a lot she's funny and sweet last year she texted me and we talked almost every day until October of 2014 she told me she liked me too but she told me to keep it a secret well.. about a month later she says she's afraid to tell her mom about the relationship because she wasn't sure if her mom would allow it well we kept talking every day but never in person only through texts around March 2015 she tells me she has a boyfriend.. I was hurt by this obviously she didn't about this well we kept talking being friends we even managed to talk in person also surprisingly she would send me selfies I never knew why but I was talking to her one day and she seemed sad I asked her if she was ok she said no I think my boyfriend is gonna breakup with me at this point since I was a good friend I told her that it's going to be ok and I'm here if you need me. She said she was gonna go so she left and the next day she was crying and upset about it.. well nowadays she never talks to me anymore she has a job.. and she's stressed about it and about a week ago I find out about her new boyfriend obviously I still have feelings for her why because most girls treat me poorly and recently I asked her if she had feelings for me at all she said no not anymore but for some reason I feel like she likes me still and I don't know why I also asked if she still cares about me at all she said yes and I asked her if we had a chance to be in a relationship at all she said I don't know but I do feel somewhere in her heart she loves me so.. What do I do now stop and let her be or try and be there for her?
She also glances over at me a lot at lunch its strange


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  • Maybe you should try it. Maybe the feelings will come back. And if not, you can at least know you tried


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  • No dude. If you asked me, you should leave her! She has had a boyfriend.


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