I met a guy online on a website for casual relationships, could there be a chance to turn it into a real relationship?

I met a guy online on a website for casual relationships, we chatted on it for a couple days and he asked me out.

So on the first date, we had some drinks and talked for almost 3 hours. After which we went back to his place and I slept with him. After which, he continues to text and we just chatted briefly. (he was overseas on a work trip)

On the second date, we went for a quick drink then went back to his place where he cooked dinner. We then watched the tv and had ice-cream. We ended up sleeping together again. This time it felt a lot more intimate as he shared stories about his family and also asked about my opinions on marriage and babies.

We haven't talked about where this relationship is heading towards, I am not crazy in love with him yet but I feel very secure and is wondering if I should invest my feelings. I am also scared that if I initiated the talk about where the relationship is heading, he'll back off completely.


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  • It seems like he's looking for open relationships. But I think it's best for you to ask him ''where does it go'' kind of question, so u will have a clear clue of what he wants. But honestly, two dates already want to settle? That's pretty quick for me if you asked me.

    • woah woah not settling, just wondering if i should just see him exclusively. (like only go on dates with him)

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    • I understand that, that was the whole point of my question : if there is a chance of it becoming a real relationship. But i guess i have to have 'the talk' with the guy.

    • Yes. Talk to him, ask him question? He will get it, and then you can interpret his intention from there. If he doesn't want an exclusivity, and you insist. You are good to leave him go.

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  • Somethin you have to discuss with him. But if he will tell you that he doesn't want a serious relationship with you, then you better believe him and either continue with him or end it so you don't waste your time if you want something serious.

  • You need to let him know how you feeling casual relationships only work if both parties don't get attached, although what site were you using, i've been trying to find something casual for a couple of weeks and have had no luck


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