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I have a profile on a dating website.I know it's a great profile because I've been told so by several different women.Yet I'm still not getting enough replies to the women I do email.I noticed that some women won't bother reading the email,they'll just glance over your profile.If you're doing the online dating thing,can you remember any first contacts that got your attention?The best response I received yet was after I wrote,I've looked at dozens of boring profiles and then I came across yours,you seem like you know what you want and you might be fun,so I decided to give YOU a chance.She was kind of shocked that I told her I was giving her a chance.I thought it was original considering the number of emails women get a week from lame dudes with nothing unique to say.What's more original?a response like the one I gave or something like,hi,I see you like hiking too,where's your favorite spot?how long have you lived in the City?Know what I mean? Thanks.


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  • theres no point trying to seem like anyone other than yourself, unless ur never planning on meeting the woman for real...

    all the random questions I used to get when I was on a dating sight just bored me a bit... the ones that got my attention were the ones that seemed really confident in themselve, like you said 'iv decided to give you a chance' ;) but without seeming over confident. don't just bombard her with loads of questions in one go, add something interesting about yourself :)

    i once spoke to a guy that sounded really confident in interested in some things that I new nothing about and because he sounded so cool I ended up reaserching all the thing he was interested in for the rest of the night lol.

  • Dating online is tough. I went on several sites and went out with quite a few guys and ended up coming to the conclusion that meeting people in person was a much better way of judging interest and chemistry before discussing whether we would go on a date or not. So many people misrepresent themselves online. Several guys I went out with were quite a bit shorter than they said, one was not even in the shape he was in his pic (he purposely put a body building shot on his profile), and mostly you cannot gauge personality or whether you will have chemistry. I even used the dating site that asks a million questions so that they can match you rather than have you filter through pics. I liked that site but it did not work any better. One guy seemed great, until we met. At our date he talked about himself a lot, grilled me with a bunch of questions and was super focused on sexual attraction. He ended up liking me. I had to tell him no-go for the 2nd date. Ugg.

    So, I went to a singles mixer in September, and met my current boyfriend there. Not saying that is normal to meet someone so quick, but it was better than my online experiences. Having the opportunity to meet singles in person, and the confidence to talk to strangers and see if there is anything there is so much better.


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