Is it wrong to give my bohfriend a promise ring?

I bought a promise ring for my boyfriend but haven't gave it to him because im not sure what he will think or say i mean we've been dating 3 years and he always brings up marry me and soon mlving in together but im not sure if i should give it to him or wait to see if he does? please help !
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  • I've given my girlfriend of many years a promise ring.. never panned out in the end but they are affordable and cute :)


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  • When you give him a promise ring, it doesn't mean he will surely marry you in the future. It's the same as saying 'I love you' today

  • If he wants to marry you he will probably like the idea of a promise ring.

  • I don't see anything wrong with giving it to him. After three years, no one can accuse you of moving too quickly.


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