Does she still like me?

I'm talking to this girl and recently told her that we should probably stop talking because she was always depressed or sad about things in her life and would cause her to not respond to me or ignore my texts. But then will respond hours later trying to get my attention.

she also told me she is moody. But her last text to me said that she likes me. And that she really does. She thanked me for every minute we got to spend together and said that she has been really busy and can't complain that I probably have more important things on my plate.

But I miss her. What should I do?
  • Text her and tell her I messed up
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  • Tell her I can't stop thinking about her
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  • She probably will ignore me
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  • Depression can be so debilitating, and it can make a person act totally out of character. They can become irrational , and their moods can go up and down. Depression can be a signal that a person needs to make changes in their life, or that they have unresolved issues from their past.

    It seems like she does like you, but if you want her to be part of your life then you will have to try to accept her as she is.

    Depression is like an emotional rollercoaster and the person becomes a like a " prisoner", in their own mind, as well as the ", cruel jailer". You could do some rearch to try to understand her better. Good luck 💜


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, you done goofed, its kinda bad that you bailed out when she's at a low point but at least you recognized your faux pas and are working to fix it.

    CALL HER (or meet in person) and let her know, I swear people nowadays only communicate through text.


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  • If you think you made a mistake and you want to get with her than go for it. If you don't want to then don't. She seems very interested in having a relationship it's up to you now man good luck! :D

  • Just ask her out dude, What are you thinking?


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