Flirting with the convenience store guy?

jus about 2 or 3 times a week i go to the convenience store by my school to pick up my breakfast. this has been going on about 2 months. this worker is really cute so i always go there even though there is a closer one to my house. i dont do much to make him notice me but say hi pay for my breakfast and leave. but just the last two times I've gone. when we make eye contact he gave the eyebrow flash and straightens himself. when he takes the things out of my hands he always makes sure to touch my hands lately. for example i hand him a bottle... handing it to him by the top. he used to grab by the bottom. but now he will slip his fingers over mine while taking it from me. also the past two times he will start a convo with me. and we will chat for a bit before i say i need to head to school.

he is handsome. has great fashion. and is friendly. he laughes at my horrible jokes too. but would dating him be a terrible idea. the fact he's possibly a 25-28 year old working at a convenenience store?


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  • Oh? So you're looking down on someone who works at convenience store while he's 25-28 years old?

    • yes i am. in the country i live in if you work at a convenience store you aren't a high schooler or a already retired old person it means you are mentally handicapped. have a jail record. or no motivation in life so you were unableto get any other job. so im wondering if ill just be causing my own issues here

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    • You should ask, ''why would you choose to work here? You look handsome... i think u should be a male model with that great fashion''

    • models aren't chosen by their fashion sense thats the job of a coordinator. haha models just need to be fit and attractive

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  • As long as you're over 18, age is just a number. If you really wanna date him, then go for it :)


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