Here weird behaviour is pushing me away, Do I let her go?

I have been with my fiance since December 2010 (long distance relationship since 2012). We've had our ups and downs, In some instances she cheated on me and I still found a way to forgive her and move on.

Recently when she came to my visit, she was behaving in a way she has never behaved before. She was checking my phone, reading my messages, etc. Although I have nothing to hide, I didn't like the fact that she was going through my phone in that manner.
So I became suspecious and thought, maybe she has something to hide, so I tapped her phone just before she left.
I discovered that she was still in contact with the guy she cheated on me with but in the meantime she was telling me that this he is stalling her. But on one of her conversations, she was asking him (The guys she cheated with) to go see her.
Out of anger I called her and asked why she's lying to me. She refused to admit that she's has been lying to me until I told her that I dont want her in my life until she decides what she want to do with it.

I also told her not board a flight to come see me, but she took the flight and now she's here with me. She's not talking to me, she just send me texts via whatsApp as if we are not in the same house, She doesn't want to help with the cooking and even cleaning. She hasn't kissed or touched me since she has been around (2 days now)
Now I am just thinking of telling her to leave as she's creating a bad atmosphere in the house. She is not serving any purpose by being here, therefore I think its pointless.
I feel that she's also pushing me away and I am thinking that, She's just too much trouble and being single is a much better alternative.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, let her go. " she cheated on me" LET HER GO. It's time to move on.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Why are you soft on her

    • I think that's the mistake I made. I always think every human being deserves a second chance as long as they are willing to change. I am starting to think I was wrong with this one

    • I don't believe in second chances on idiots.

    • you are right! Idiots shouldn't get a second chance

What Guys Said 1

  • You should have let her go when you initially discovered that she had cheated on you. What you are experiencing now is your fault for not kicking her to the curb back then.


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